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QUESTION: Beings of the planet are feeling much fear because of the messages saying that there will be THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS. Could you explain what this means? Is it true that the planet will be in darkness, without light from the Sun and without artificial light? What is going to happen on December 21st?
ANSWER: BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Do not fear. What it is happening is a change, a renewal on the cosmic level that is affecting all living beings of creativity in a positive way. They are energetic transformations in the MIND OF THE ONE BEING that are happening for several reasons, such as: 
·         The Universal Mind is creating new ideas.
·         The entry and evolvement of the Cosmic Alignment, in which four dimensions will become aligned, bringing in great Creative Ideas and the evolution to the Universal Mind. This event will start on July 7, 2014, year Planet Earth.
·         Solar explosions.
·         Shift in the axis of the Earth, from its center to the Poles.
·         Growth of the Earth Cell.
·         Chemical changes in the electromagnetism.
·         Awakening of Consciousness in beings.
·         Exit of 20% of the souls to the Inner City.
As you can see, everything in the universe has a scientific explanation. In the books of EL SER UNO (THE ONE BEING) we have informed you that the Cosmic Alignment will last for 7 thousand years. It will begin on July 7, 2014 and take place in 21 phases of 333 years each. Currently, you are living the first phase of 333 years. The indelible mark of this first phase is THE AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Awakening of Consciousness began and was activated in the soul of the beings, when the Ascended Masters came to remind and teach you the Path of Return to the creative source of the One Origin. There are still 200 years left for many souls as possible to awaken and for the first exodus to the Inner City to occur. Some of you are already prepared to depart, while others will need to incarnate once or twice more.

The date of December 21, 2012 announced by the Mayans belongs to this first phase of the Awakening of Consciousness. This date means the following. You should turn the number 21 round to form the 12 and you will get 12 12 12. When added up they will represent the first 333 years of the Cosmic Alignment, which clearly signals the energetic change, the positive transformation of the soul and the awakening of consciousness.

All those who have awakened and have conceived and are in the process of gestating their Infant-Spirit during these first 333 years of the Cosmic Alignment, will be taken to the Antimatter-Inner City when they disembody so that they may continue their process of evolution and elevation. These souls will no longer need to come back and incarnate in physical bodies. They will be taught and prepared to continue their cosmic journey to planes and dimensions of higher energetic elevation.

After the first phase of 333 years of the Awakening of Consciousness, humans will enter the second phase of the Cosmic Alignment. This is when the ERA OF DARKNESS will take place. It will begin in the year 2350 and will go until the year 2700. 

The ERA OF DARKNESS does not mean that the planet will be without the light of the Sun or remain in total darkness for lack of artificial light. Rather, it means darkness, ostracism and ignorance of the HUMAN MIND. It is a time when spiritual knowledge will be lacking. You should know that in the planet there is a dark, negative and very sick force called Reptilian Force. In the second phase, this harmful energy will hinder humans from being FREE. This force will generate and bring about the ERA OF DARKNESS because it will control, dominate and manipulate the beings of the planet. It will draw them into obscurity and ignorance of spiritual and cosmic knowledge. This phase will be called Kali Yuga.

During the ERA OF DARKNESS the following will occur.  Human thinking will be sunken in the foulness of the pleasure of the senses, full of vices and addictions and the souls of humans will be very sick. Religions will succumb to the greed, power and fanaticism of their beliefs. Governments will control Science and Technology. Humans will be under the oppressive domination of governments, of ambition and of the distortion of planetary knowledge. Cosmic knowledge will be forbidden under threat of severe sanctions. Positive and elevated beings will be persecuted and imprisoned. It will be so terrible that it will seem that the demons (Reptilian energy) had come out of hell. 

After having suffered dreadfully and having been immersed in the darkness of their souls, humans will raise their eyes to the universe and will understand that their spiritual state is what is most precious and is the priceless wealth of their existence. Humans will understand, awaken and begin to recover and value the immense natural delights and simple pleasures that nature offers every day. When humans free themselves from the Era of Darkness and are able to understand their spiritual existence, they will open their minds and elevate their thoughts to the universe.

The Sun is currently preparing to enter the Cosmic Alignment that will start on July 7, 2014 (777). To understand what we are saying it would be good for you to know that the Cosmic Alignment will line up four dimensions. This means that in the future, Planet Earth will be closer to other elevated and divine constellations.The dimensions will be closer due to the Cosmic Alignment. This will produce interaction and feedback of elevated energetic frequency for the beings and for Planet Earth. This is when beings and Planet Earth will enter the GOLDEN ERA. The Solar Spirits will be able to communicate with human beings, interchanging cosmic teachings of high energetic content. 

The Spirits in those dimensions of LIGHT and LOVE will nurture the awakened beings with their elevated thought-energies, nourishing them with Knowledge, Understanding and Universal Love. In the years to come you will be surprised with all that you will see. These will be unprecedented events. You should accept them with immense joy, for it will mean great advancement in the fields of science and spirituality. 

The Sun is the Pineal Gland of the Solar System. Its energy will be transformed into Photonic Energy, which will start changing the DNA of all the species that live on the planet and of the Earth-Cell. What many of you see as misfortune, the universe sees as progress and elevation of its thought-energies. 

The axis of the Earth-Cell and of human beings is changing their polarity from the center to the poles. This means that the thought-energy of the Procreative-Desire of the ego is rising through the Kundalini towards the right side of the brain, becoming CREATIVE-THOUGHT-ENERGY.

The Earth-Cell is growing up, going from a pampered, rebellious, spoiled, cranky, arrogant and egocentric adolescent to becoming serious, scholarly, understanding, educated and determined to learn the knowledge of the universe maturely and responsibly.

Electromagnetism, which is loaded with horrendous thoughts, ego ridden procreative emotions, and electrons of negative energy, is being abundantly filled with proton-positive-energy. This change is due to the energetic upraising of elevated human thought, which is nourishing the electromagnetism with thought-energies of LIGHT and of QUARKS which represent the element LOVE. 

BELOVED BROTHERS AND SISTERS! To all those who are currently working on the Awakening of the Consciousness, we say,

You are already on the path of truth. Do not fear; nothing will happen that could turn you away you from the correct path. Do not distress yourselves thinking of horrible nightmares of terror and distrust. Look up to the creator and wait with the light of Hope and the tranquility of the spirit. Never forget that you are the children of Love and trust that the universe will never abandon you, not even for an instant. 

Glorify the creator, for it made you participants of a great universal event of new ideas. Have faith and trust in cosmic wisdom; quieten the soul and always look to the magnificence of the Father, the Universal Mind, and to the Love of the Mother, Cosmic Energy. Never fear; for fear should not rule your hearts. The sick negative-energies take advantage of those emotions to imprison you in the density of their ignorance. Never let darkness enter the soul, block your ears and shut your eyes.

Look up to the universe and intercede for those who do not see the infinite Light of Love and for those who do not hear and cannot perceive cosmic truths because they are looking to the Earth, not to the Sun. Remain courageous and steadfast in face of this distressful process. The fog will start to dispel; darkness will be shed by the light; night will give way to dawn; and an extraordinary rebirth will start to come to life in the Human-Soul.

OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS! The obscure forces, gloomy darkness, vampires of the soul are defeated by the LIGHT of the soul and the Wisdom of the Spirit. Heal your souls with Compassion and fill your spirit with the Sentiment of Love!

EL SER UNO - Ayapliano Elder Brothers.
Message received: November 11, 2012

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Nerina Thomas dijo...

Admirable tarea.
Mis respetos.

Anónimo dijo...

Gracias por darnos este importante tema ya que esta causando innumerables tragedias y panico entre las personas.
Gracias a esto muchas personas pueden reconfortarse y no dejarse llevar por un mal camino como un suicidio o la obscuridad.
Lo unico que me quedaria decir es que espero que todos nosotros podamos despertar de la obscuridad que cubre nuestro corazon y espiritu.